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Operative Account

Our direct membership of European TARGET-2 clearing and state-of-the-art technology platform are definite advantages for our Current Account customers.

You can also give us Standing Instructions for your recurring Payments/Funds Transfers from your Operative Accounts.

Apart from e-statements and Internet Banking facility, an operative account provides you an option to instantly transfer funds to our Term Deposit Schemes earning you attractive interest returns.

For opening an account, please call us for an appointment for personal visit alongwith requisite documents.

Documents required for opening a personal account are:

  • Personalausweis (Photo Identity card issued by Government authorities) or Passport
  • Visa, if applicable
  • Address proof (Anmeldegungsbescheining, Electicity Bill, Telephone bill)

For more details, please contact:

AVP - Private Clients
Tel. +49-69-27237-133
please click here for e-mail